Regional Program - Preserving Antarctica

Organised by Team Inspire,  **more new talks coming 2nd half 2011

School Presentation Topic: Climate Change & Preserving Antarctica

* Regional Program running until June 2012 only. 

Speaker: Sophie Tang MSc

As part of an ongoing outreach programme, greenerworks conducts school visits to present an inspirational and interactive talk using Antarctica as an example of why it is important to preserve a natural and safe environment for wildlife. The message is clear - how our actions here at home can affect somewhere as far away as the white continent (Antarctica), and how we can all start to lead more positive lifestyle choices in simple steps! 

The talks are complemented with photos and videos, explanations about the Antarctic Treaty as a blueprint for conservation, climate change and scientific facts, eco-tourism and its impacts, provide proactive suggestions on leading a low carbon lifestyle and steps to make positive changes. Each presentation is customised to the schools' requirements, requests, and content most appropriate to the age group of the audience. 

To find out more about our school schedules or to register, please contact us here

For every talk/ presentation we receive support by schools, we contribute back by giving a

 - PUBLIC presentation for a charity organisation e.g. children orphanages in the local neighbourhood of the school(s).


Free to educational institutions (Sponsor opportunity)

greenerworks does not charge schools and other bona fide educational institutions to speak at their events and school assembly. (Travel costs & local expenses in Asian destinations do apply.)

If you wish to sponsor our regional outreach and educational program by sponsoring the costs associated with this activity, please contact us. Your sponsorship will allow more schools to benefit from the regional program, and make it entirely free to more and more organisations (e.g. covering travel costs). In return, we will work with your company/ organisation to provide an effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign, highlighting your company's efforts and participation in our regional program. And also showcase your company logo on expedition(s). 

Interested in having us speak at your event?

Planning an event and looking for a speaker? Please contact us for speaker bio, sponsor details etc. Fees for speaking at an event vary on the type of event (e.g. schools are free), there may also be additional costs (e.g. travel and accommodation) associated with the regional program.

For more of the science, there’s some good information on warming in the Antarctic Peninsula:

Antarctic Peninsula: rapid warming

Case study: Antarctic Peninsula – rapid warming in a pristine environment

Ecological Responses to Climate Change on the Antarctic Peninsula



"After an article in the local English newspaper was published about my Antarctic adventure, I felt an obligation when I was asked to talk about this fascinating opportunity I had and try to tell the experience to young students. What I came up with grew from a simple presentation to something I decided I needed to continue just because I saw the 'sparks' in the eyes of students I had met. 

Speaking to a live audience is a new experience each time, because I need to rethink new ways of conveying what may seem like boring scientific facts, or what I had learnt about climate change in school and not rely sorely on cute fluffy pictures. I wanted the audience to learn the fun way! 

After this expedition, I decided it was going to be part of my life to keep doing expeditions and slowly build on these experiences. I think the way we view learning in the classroom has to change and there will be a new generation of scientists who will be better at communicating because they have grown up in the digital age.

There is a need to bring back 'the adventurous side' of learning, one that I constantly remind myself as I battle life in the urban jungle.

Adventure is not only about being the first person to reach a goal, but it's the growth you get within yourself. And come back from the adventure to have a richer life.

I also hope when 2041 arrives, the year when the Madrid Protocol comes up for review, more people would have heard about the Antarctic Treaty and will unite to protect this last wilderness on Earth" - Sophie Tang 



Besides school talks, Sophie has also hosted and moderated educational sessions in Hong Kong and continues to gain experience in various educational activities. 

Moderating educational dialogue sessions for students and C40 Mayors (2010)

On 6 November 2010, students and teachers from Hong Kong attended an educational dialogue session between Mayor David Miller (Chair Mayor C40/ Toronto), Deputy Mayor Tom Miller (Portland), Vice Mayor Romel Pascual (L.A.), Mr. Edwin Lau (FoE, HK), and Princess Birgitta (Sweden). Sophie Tang was invited by C40 organiser to be the moderator for this first landmark session for Hong Kong students. 


Figure 1 Sophie greets C40 Chair Mayor David Miller                   Figure 2 Sophie moderates the dialogue between Mayors and students


Figure 3 Students with Portland Deputy Mayor Tom Miller          Figure 4 Students photo-taking with Princess Birgitta of Sweden




Figure 5 Sophie was presenter for the first event                        Figure 6 All judges and Contestants; Sophie is third from left 2nd row


Figures 7-8 Live presentations for individual and group categories of environmental competition; Sophie was one of the judges for the event


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